The Luxury Gym At Trimingham Leisure Club 

Our gym at Trimingham Leisure Club includes a variety of fitness equipment including some of the newest equipment from Technogym, to create one of the best equipped and luxury gyms in the county. Technogym is a world leader in Fitness and Wellness Solutions and has equipped 65000 wellness centres and over 100,000 homes around the world.

It is estimated that in the region of 35 million people use Technogym products every day in more than 100 countries.

At Trimingham Leisure Club we have invested over £100,000 to create one of the best equipped gyms in the county, installing state of the art equipment used by professional athletes including the England Football team. The gym is also fully Air Conditioned and next door there is a fully functional steam room, sauna and pool for a complete fitness experience.


Cardio equipment

Skill Mill: The Skill Mill is non-motorized, so you do all of the work to build momentum, working you harder in the process. It also makes it very simple to use: just hop on and start moving! Its technology gear system allows you to set the resistance level for either speed or stamina using a push – pull lever.


Skill Bike: The skill bike is the only indoor bike with a real gear shift allowing you to enjoy the demands of outside cycling. The gear shift allows riders to switch from power-based training to hill climbing simulations. A fantastic opportunity to boost your strength and endurance in a new unique way.


Treadmills Jog 500: treadmills allow a great cardiovascular workout and burning plenty of calories, we have 4 treadmills available to use.


Concept 11: x2 concept two rowers providing an all body strength and cardio workout.


Excite Climb Unity: Find it tiring walking up your stairs at home? Try our new Excite Climb Unity here at Trimingham Leisure Club. It is great for toning the glutes and burns more fat than most other cardio equipment. So, in a nutshell, the closest product to an everlasting staircase!


Synchro Excite 500: The movement of the body when walking and running is recreated by using the excite synchro. Proving to be substantially softer on the joints than running!


Excite 500 Bikes: Similar to the skill bike, providing a more relaxed ride with a nice comfy seat.


Strength equipment

Dual Leg extension / Leg Curl

Leg Press

Scott Bench & Olympic EZ Curl Bar

Free Weights & Benches



Functional Equipment

We have a range of functional gym equipment; this type of equipment allows full freedom of movement that can mimic various life activities and tasks. Listed as below:

SkillTools Kit – Includes Kettlebells, Foam Roller’s, Balance Dome, Wellness Ball, Medicine Balls and Stretching matts. 

Kinesis Stations – Step / Squat station, Core station, Low Pull station, Overhead Press Station, High Pull Station, Press Station. 


The Wellness Key & Wellness App


The Wellness Key

Our members have the option of their own Technogym wellness key designed to help you achieve your fitness goals in an innovative way.

How it works……

 - The Wellness system is operated by your own chosen exercise program and your workout will begin.

 - Your Wellness key can be programmed with details of your specific exercise program.

 - Each time you visit the gym, you simply pop your key into one of our wellness expert hubs and it will download your workout as prescribed by one of our team.

The Wellness system - exercise planning

 - Input your key in a piece of equipment and it will read

 - On all of our cardiovascular stations the wellness key will automatically start the machine at the time, speed, distance and effort level as programmed.

 - On resistance equipment, the wellness key will remind you about set up positions, what weight set, the number of sets and reps programmed, It will also provide speed and range of motion guidance.

Other benefits of the wellness key include:

- Recorded data, calories, distance travelled and weights lifted.

- Review and update of programme and progression


The My Wellness Technogym App

 All our new equipment operates off WIFI, so if you have a smart phone you can scan the barcode on our machines allowing you to record your workout details.

Just like the Key it allows you to:

- Track all of the activities that you do at the gym or outdoors, measuring kilometer’s travelled and calories burned. Every physical activity you take part in enables you to collect MOVEs.

- The Mywellnes app will keep track of your MOVE’s day after day, this allowing you to view your overall activity status in an easy, intuitive way.

- The app will guide you step by step to reach your goal, thanks to personalized training programs and video tutorials which show you how to complete exercises.


We have everything you need for a great work out!


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