Key Benefits of using the Sauna

Increased circulation – The heat from the sauna will make the heart beat faster and the blood vessels will widen. This will improve the body’s circulation helping to ease sore muscles, reduce joint pain like Arthritis.

Reduces toxins in the body – Sweat your way to a less toxic body! Yes sweating is actually very good for you. This is how your body removes toxins that your skin takes in during the day, elements such as lead, arsenic and cadmium are all deep in your skin and need to be removed regularly

Promotes weight loss – Burning calories as you relax….now doesn’t that sound exciting! You can burn calories with a session in the sauna but this won’t build your muscles, most people will have a Gym or Swim session beforehand and drink plenty of water.

De-Stress – As your heart rate rises in the sauna it will trigger more endorphins to travel around the body. Endorphins are very important in helping to stay happy!



Sauna and Steam Room Rules

Whilst we no longer require booking specific slots for the Spa Pool, Sauna and Steam room, we do ask our customers to book for a general swim. You can do so by calling 01263 576020.
Click here to view our Sauna and Steam Room Rules