Steam Room

The Benefits of a Gym with Steam Room


Everyone’s leisure activities differ, from swimming to gymming to relaxing in the sauna. If you’re looking for a gym with a steam room, then look no further – at Trimingham we offer just that! But what are the key benefits of using a steam room alongside your gym time?


Key Benefits of using Steam Room

Opens Sinuses – Breathing in steam will help to improve your sinuses. This is great if you have a cold.

Removes Toxins – Sweating is an important part of ridding the body of toxins. A 20-minute session in the steam room will help to remove toxins from the body that build up from daily life.

Reduces Stress – This is a great way to release the endorphins the ‘Feel Good’ chemical that is naturally produced by your body. Many people experience a feeling of rejuvenation and calmness from the use of a steam room.

Clears the Skin – Looking for clearer skin with a healthy glow? Then sometime in the steam room is what you need. The steam opens the pores and clears out impurities, it has been known to help improve skin that suffers from acne.


Sauna and Steam Room Rules

Whilst we no longer require booking specific slots for the Spa Pool, Sauna and Steam room, we do ask our customers to book for a general swim. You can do so by calling 01263 576020.
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